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Get Notified Of Professional Independent Baseball Tryouts And… Discover What It Takes To Succeed At Independent Baseball Tryouts And Have A Successful Professional Minor League Baseball Career!

Take a look at a short video recorded between innings during an actual professional independent baseball league game:

Are you a:

  • Baseball player who is finished with his college eligibility?
  • Baseball player who is about to finish his college eligibility?
  • College baseball player who is thinking about pursuing a professional baseball career?
  • Parent of a college baseball player?
  • College baseball coach?
  • Baseball player who was recently released from a contract with a Major League organization?
  • Baseball player whose only pro experience was playing internationally?
  • A fan who is curious about what it takes to succeed in the professional independent minor league baseball industry?

If so, read on as you will get information about how to find out about upcoming professional baseball tryouts as well as advice on what it takes to make, and stay on, a pro baseball team!

Why You Need Information About Independent Professional Baseball Tryouts

A problem exists with the independent minor league baseball community.

The problem is that since the independent leagues do not have affiliations with “regular” minor league baseball teams (those affiliated with Major League organizations), information about the independent baseball leagues is scarce.  Fans have little access to correct information, the leagues are not segmented into “defined” levels like Minor League Baseball, and most of the promotion of the teams and players is done at the local level – not nationally.

Information for those seeking to become pro baseball players, like you, is even more difficult to find.  Chances are that you have probably missed out on a pro baseball tryout where you could have performed well in front of scouts, coaches, and even independent baseball team managers.

Since 1993, many players have “fallen through the cracks” who probably should have played professional baseball in the independent leagues or even higher levels!

What Are Some Of The Reasons Why These Players Never Were Able To Get Invited And Make A Professional Baseball Team?

1)  They didn’t know when or where the pro baseball tryouts were being held

2)  Because they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again which make a player get overlooked, cut, or prevented from being signed to a pro baseball contract

Chances are that no one who is really qualified has told you what the common elements of success are either!  This lack of information has killed the potential professional baseball careers of more players than you can imagine.  Not being aware of this information can harm your dreams as well…

… until now.

Get The Interviews Today And You Will Get Access To The Most Recent Independent Pro Baseball Tryouts Notifications

The first thing is to know when and where the independent pro baseball tryouts are going to be held.  For the upcoming 2016 season, there will be the following already-established independent professional baseball leagues:

  • American Association
  • Atlantic League
  • Can-Am League
  • Frontier League
  • Pacific Association
  • Pecos League
  • Empire League (new team)

As of the Spring of 2016, there are a few potential professional independent baseball leagues which have stated that they intend to play in 2016 or 2017.

In addition, there are several developmental instructional winter leagues and spring leagues.  There also are third-party tryouts which serve one or more independent baseball leagues which have a track record of getting players signed from the tryouts directly with the teams.  Some of the third-party professional development baseball leagues and tryout showcases also have the ability to get you signed to play internationally.

If you want to be notified of upcoming independent baseball tryouts for league-wide, team-specific, and third-party tryouts then join today.  You will get the link to enter your information into the tryout notifications mailing list.

How This Information Can Help You Before Attending Your Next Professional Baseball Tryout Or Showcase

My name is Matt Mc Dermott, and I have been involved with the independent baseball industry for parts of 14 seasons, in 3 different decades (1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s).  During that time I have had the following duties in the independent pro baseball leagues:

  • Backup catcher (confirmation #1) (confirmation #2)
  • Bullpen catcher
  • League official
  • Team assistant general manager
  • Team media relations
  • Backup PA announcer
  • Team website administrator
  • Consultant to independent baseball teams for online marketing revenues

I also run 4 other websites for the professional independent minor league baseball industry:

  • (for fans and those needing a starting point for independent baseball)
  • (access to a pro baseball tryouts database)
  • (daily trivia questions from the independent professional baseball leagues)
  • (for current and former members of independent baseball)

By being involved with all of these roles, I have had a chance to meet the REAL experts who have the ability to influence decisions on whether or not you get signed to a pro baseball contract.  Whatever I know pales in comparison to the expertise each of these individuals has in his specific niche.

In private conversations with each executive or manager/coach we had great discussions about what prospective players can do to get signed, actually STAY on an independent minor league baseball roster, improve their chances of getting signed by an “affiliated” Minor League team, and have a long career as a professional baseball player.

This is the information which you probably never have been told by your coach or even scouts who have looked at your skills.

Each individual I interviewed genuinely wants the best for prospective players so that the players have a long career and that the industry benefits.  What I decided to do was simply make those previously-private conversations public.  I recorded interviews with each individual on his area of expertise, and now those conversations are available to you for immediate download.

Here is the list of experts from whom you will learn:

Experts To Whom You Should Listen BEFORE You Attend Your Next Independent Minor League Baseball Tryout, Showcase, Or Private Workout

  • Stan Hough — former manager of the Waterbury Spirit (Northeast League) and Fort Worth Cats (American Association).  He led his teams to the playoffs in all 4 years of his role as the manager for an independent league team. He also managed the OttawaTriple-A with the Montreal Expos
  • Dan Shwam — former manager with over 650 professional wins in the independent baseball leagues.  He has managed independent minor league teams since the first year of independent baseball (1993) and he managed his teams to 4 league championships
  • Barry Moss — director of player development for multiple independent baseball teams.  He has managed in affiliated baseball and helps players get placed with independent teams before, during, and after the season
  • Jim Miksis — pitching coach for the Schaumberg Flyers.  He helps players (and coaches!) transition from the college game to the pro game, and he spoke at the Independent Baseball Meetings on how players and the front office can better work together to ensure mutual success
  • Bob Wirz — formerly handled publicity for two Major League Baseball commissioners.  Has been in the ownership of independent baseball teams since the mid-1990’s, has been a team president, and helped with publicity for the industry. He currently writes the only weekly column which covers the human interest stories on independent minor league baseball teams, tracks former players who have gone onto the next level, and covers independent baseball players when they play in other leagues in the off-season
  • JJ Cooper — the man who covers the independent baseball industry for Baseball America.  He has covered independent baseball since 2002 and understands the industry from a “big picture” view and how it fits into the overall landscape of baseball.  He has seen players from all leagues and teams and what it takes for a player to become popular enough to have a long playing career and then transition to the next area of his life
  • Andy May — operated of third-party professional baseball tryout camps and showcases.  From 2003-2012 he placed over 20 players in “affiliated” Minor League Baseball, nearly 300 players with independent baseball teams, and nearly 20 players with international baseball leagues.  He outlined what it takes to stand out at independent professional baseball tryouts
  • Chris McKnight — co-owner of and managed the Texarkana Gunslingers (C independent baseball team to two straight playoff appearances in 2008 and 2009
  • Ray Hastings — retired baseball player from the Lewisville Lizards and Texarkana Gunslingers.  Ray played for 3 seasons and gives his advice on how to become a fan favorite, making a team out of spring training, how to prevent doing the dumb things which get players released, and much more

Of course, you want to know exactly what you need to know to give yourself the best odds of having a professional baseball career whether it is with an “affiliated” Minor League team, an independent baseball team, or an international team.  Each expert gives his insights on what he has witness, first-hand, over the years in independent pro baseball.


  • What independent baseball REALLY is and what leagues and teams are available
  • Why independent minor league baseball can be a great step in your baseball career
  • What it will take to succeed at the independent baseball level
  • What constitutes “success” at this level
  • Opinions on whether the professional baseball “developmental” leagues are worth your time and money
  • If you decide to join one, then learn how to “filter” out the good developmental leagues from the bad ones in order to help you gain exposure to the independent leagues
  • Success stories of players who started their careers in independent baseball
  • What it takes to stand out at an independent baseball tryout
  • How to find out about professional baseball tryouts, showcases, and private workouts
  • How to budget your money so that you can survive financially in the low minors
  • Tips on how to stand out during spring training so that you have the best odds of making a professional baseball team
  • How to get signed to a professional baseball contract even after the season starts
  • What to do if you get released from an affiliated Minor League baseball team, and the same if you are released from an independent team
  • How to choose the right independent baseball league which is best suited to your talent level
  • How to become one of the players who becomes a “Fan Favorite”
  • The actual types of conversations which managers and front office executives have with their colleagues in independent baseball
  • What is actually said when a Major League team’s scouting department calls an independent team looking for players
  • What is expected of you ONCE you become a professional
  • Common traits of those players who were successful enough in the independent leagues to get signed by an “affiliated” Minor League team
  • How to adjust mentally if you are used to being a starter in college… and now are playing behind someone who once had Major League playing experience
  • How to be the type of player who gets noticed by Major League scouts, even if you are playing in the lower levels of independent baseball
  • What is expected of you regardless of the area of the country in which you start playing.
  • Find out what it takes to succeed as a player in the Northeast, Canada, South Texas, or the West Coast
  • What types of actions will get you released even if you are a fantastic player
  • How to transition to the next stage of your baseball career should you get injured, decide to retire, or get released and have no more opportunities
  • Much, much more….

If you personally know, or have heard about, great baseball players from your home town, college, or area – yet those players somehow “fell through the cracks” and never played an inning of pro baseball – then you understand how valuable having quality advice would have been to them.  It is even better what you know that you can quickly learn from men who have helped hundreds of players since 1993 find out about independent baseball tryouts, get signed to an independent minor league contract, and even move on to higher levels… including the Major Leagues.

What makes this set of interviews unique is that you have actual, authentic conversations with those who are respected in the industry.  You can read their regular columns in major baseball publications and websites, learn from those who have managed and coached in the independent leagues this past season, learn from managers who succeeded in the affiliated Minor League and independent baseball levels, and those whose everyday job it is to place and sign players to pro baseball contracts.

Give Yourself The Best Information Possible Before Your Next Pro Baseball Minor League Tryout

All of this advice is available to you in just a few minutes.  You will get over 6 hours of audio interviews (MP3 format) and PDF transcripts of other conversations.  Since the average independent baseball tryout costs between $40 and $60 (sometimes over $100 per tryout), I wanted to keep the price to less than half of what you would pay.

I figured that a price of $17, which is less than half of just one average tryout’s cost, is a fair price to discover the times and locations of upcoming independent professional baseball tryouts; and you also will get the advice which many players who are on independent baseball rosters TODAY don’t even know!

Many current players have not networked, met others in the industry, and have not earned the trust of those who know what it takes to have a great professional baseball career AND what it takes to succeed when it is time to transition to the post-playing career.  You now have access to a competitive edge which is based on what actually works.

Whether or not you, ultimately, end up playing for one inning on a professional baseball team you will learn what works today and what will work for the foreseeable future.  You can advise other players even if you end up coaching college or high school baseball.


Hi Matt,

This is an informative interview about the realities of the baseball pipeline, given to us from a man who is in the thick of the Independent Baseball world. We are given a privileged look at the business side of baseball through the eyes, and experience, of a man who has dealt first-hand with the inner-workings of the leagues.  It is no longer a matter of me wondering what it takes to make an Independent team, it is a matter of doing it.

The dream of playing professional baseball can become so abstract in a player’s mind that it can cloud the realities that take place on the ground.  If you were not signed out of high school or college and you want to play professional baseball, you have to work hard to get yourself good enough to get looked at by scouts, or to get the attention of coaches at a tryout.

For the overlooked player, it is not enough to have the skills of a professional player.  You have to network and get your baseball profile out to managers and scouts before they see you, if you want a legitimate look.  You have to be better than the players the organizations already have, because they have money invested in their own players.  Once you make it, you have to perform well—plain and simple.

Thanks, Matt, for interviewing somebody with experience in the “industry”.  I have often speculated what it takes to make it to the next level of baseball.  It feels good to have listened to an accredited source tell me about the realities of the game.

Josh M.


I do like the information that they give and kind of the inside look at what they think.  From a players point of view, we sometimes do not see outside the box.  They give you another angle.  – D.S.

Here Is Something Rare In The Pro Baseball Industry — Your Reassurance That You Made A Smart Investment!

Think back on all of the baseball lessons, training equipment, tryouts, travel costs, and DVD’s that you (and your parents!) probably purchased to get you to this point in your career.  Chances are that it amounts to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.  And how many of those purchases came with a guarantee to make sure that you were satisfied?  Probably very few!

Not so with this set of interviews.

You get a satisfaction-guaranteed commitment that you will enjoy what you learn on the audio files and PDF’s.  Listen to them and follow the advice for 60 days.  If, within those 60 days, you don’t like what you learned then you can return them for no charge and you will get your money back.

That promise is backed by Clickbank, which is the largest retailer of digital products online.  They are the online equivalent of the major bookstore in your area, so they make sure that I – and other suppliers of information who use them – ensure our promises.

I want to make sure that you enjoy the materials and feel as if you (or your family) made a smart investment to help your career.  I stand behind the content so much that I decided to sell these interviews through a retailer who forces me to honor my guarantee.

In turn, I hope that you will enjoy what you learn so much that you refer your friends and teammates to this website.

And if I decide to add new interviews with similar professional baseball experts then I will include them with your purchase for no additional charge.

Your Next Step Toward Helping Your Professional Baseball Career

If you want to know the “big picture” of joining the ranks of professional baseball, and do so for a “minor” investment, then be sure to act now and get the information which is long overdue.  Too many players have had their careers end prematurely.

Not due to injury, but due to a lack of knowledge.

They didn’t know:

  • Where to find independent baseball tryouts or other professional minor league baseball tryouts
  • The mistakes of players who failed before them
  • How to prepare for the “inevitable”:  the day when their playing careers ended
  • How to survive with the low pay in the minors
  • How to understand that independent minor league baseball (and even “affiliated” baseball) is a business
  • How to operate within that business now that winning and performance on the field are paramount
  • Other “basics” of making it to, and surviving in, minor league baseball — before it was too late

For just $17, you will get:

  • Access to the list where you will be notified of upcoming independent (and some affiliated Minor League) tryouts, developmental leagues, and other tryout opportunities
  • 5+ hours of audio interviews and PDF files as described above
  • Any future interviews which get added in addition to those already described
  • A 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee backed by Clickbank

You can use a credit card, PayPal, or any other form of currency accepted by Clickbank.


Thank you for getting these interviews and doing what you can to further your baseball playing career.  By learning what it takes to succeed at independent baseball tryouts, get signed to a pro baseball contract, be the type of player who stays with an independent baseball team, and what it takes to get noticed by the affiliated Minor League teams you will have a knowledge base which few others have.

Should you get signed to a contract and play at least one inning based on what you learned then be sure to keep in touch and let us know your success story!

Best wishes for a successful launch for your professional baseball career,



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